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Our Corporate Social Responsibility program has the Supportive Change program, by means of which our customers have the possibility to support institutions in each of the 11 cities where we are present.

About Supportive Change:
This campaign, which is in all of our branches, promotes solidarity with the community through facilitating collecting mechanisms for non-profit organizations. To perform this action, Libertad offers part of its systems structure and is in charge of arranging the awarding of such funds and also of delivering to the participant customers their donation receipt.


This program is intended for non-profit organizations (Foundations, Associations, NGOs, among others). To apply for this program, you can download the application form and forward it by email to by mail to Administración Central- Área de RSE- Fray Luis Beltrán y Cardeñosa s/n-5008 Cordoba.

Download here the Supportive Change form.